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About Us

MVB Jax is the second location of the infamous Mount Vernon Barbell. Originating in Mount Vernon, New York, MVB was the first gym of its kind to cater to all strength sports under one roof while still providing a gym atmosphere for the regular gym goer in the area. The gym gained traction as multiple world class powerlifters and strongmen came to train inside MVB such as Larry Wheels, Kevin Oak, Stefi Cohen, Chris Duffin, Hafþór Björnsson and so on. With the desire to branch out and provide the same type of training facility as in New York we picked Jacksonville Florida as our second home. We provide top of the line equipment such as monolifts, combo racks, competition benches, deadlift platforms, kilo plates, specialty bars, atlas stones, etc. However that is not all we offer, we also have a large assortment of some of the best pieces of machines that you can find on the market and that you will not find in any other gym in Jacksonville. So whether you are an elite athlete or someone who is just looking to get in better shape we have you covered. We look forward to seeing you.

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